Roleplaying Games Material

This page provides links to documents detailing the game worlds and systems of the tabletop roleplaying games that I GM, as well as a few other things.  These links are usually just provided to the players of my games, but I have collected them here so that other gamemasters may use them if they wish.  I make no claim that any of the following is really complete or free of complications, but it is quite a lot of material, and I hope it will be of some use to other gamers.

Most of these use the GURPS 4th edition rules set, but the actual crunchy bits of the rules are kept to a minimum, so it should be easy to convert this to the system of your choice.  Most of the links below lead you to a directory of Google documents that are free to use for your personal games.

A Fantasy World: The Fourth Awakening

The swords & sorcery world I call the Fourth Awakening is intended to be a somewhat “serious” low-magic game world.  There is history, lore, calendar and religion information, but there is not a complete map, yet.  GMs wishing to use this for their own games will likely be better off creating their own maps.

World of the Fourth Awakening


The Magic of the Spheres

This is an original magic system built on GURPS rules.  It is a free-form system where the mage tailors effects and spell parameters on the fly.  It won’t be suitable for players who prefer a standard list of canned spells.  However, I really like the way it works, although the GM must be alert for any abuse by really imaginative players 🙂

The Magic of the Spheres


The Intelligent Races

I use a consistent set of PC and “enemy” races across my fantasy games, and I have built these based on combined inspirations from older games and medieval folklore.  Notice, however, that these are not “balanced” races — they vary wildly in their base point value.  This, I believe, is as it should be.  Attempting “point balance” among characters in the GURPS system is a fools errand.

As a bonus, there is also the complete family of undead monsters that I use, and a handful of other beasties that have shown up in my games.

The Kindreds of the World


A Space Opera World: Trade League Space

My space opera setting is not a tongue-in-cheek world, but does take a lot of inspiration from old movies like the Flash Gordon serials.  This is the future as seen from the 1930’s.  You can make it as serious or as goofy as you like.  The documents include everything you will need to run the setting.  The map features over 500 planets, so the data on each one is a rough outline, waiting for the GM to fill in the details as needed.

The Trade League of the Olympus Cluster


A Fantasy Map

This is a map I used to use for my old T&T campaign.  It is based on a slightly silly “morality map” made in the 19th century (I think).  I had a lot of fun with it, so I provide it hear somewhat as a museum piece.  You are free to make of it what you will.

The Great Land